What Are The Requirements And Guidelines Regarding Amazon Product Images In 2023?

Your Amazon product images play a significant role in making your amazon listing a success. Undoubtedly, top-notch quality Amazon product photos will help you sell your products by showing potential customers what they will receive. Knowing about what are the requirements and guidelines regarding Amazon product images in 2023 is essential.

On the other hand, blurred or impaired photos can negatively affect your Amazon listings. Photos for Amazon listings need not be dull. Also, even the wrong number of Amazon product images can primarily affect your Amazon listings.

The product images for Amazon need to be of high quality, and should fulfilling the requirements and guidelines regarding Amazon product photos. After reading this article, you will have the tools to ensure your Amazon listing images. Those tools will be suitable according to your niche and Amazon listing image requirements.

So let’s begin and stay with us till the end to know the requirements and guidelines regarding Amazon product images in 2023.

Requirements Regarding Amazon Images in 2023

If you want to become successful on Amazon, and if the answer is yes, follow the rules, especially regarding Amazon product pictures. You will never like your images not showing on Amazon listing because you did not fulfill their Amazon image requirements. Below is the complete list of Amazon image requirements for 2023.

  • Photos for Amazon products must be accurate in representing the product.
  • The potential customers must be able to see the features of Amazon product photos.
  • Amazon’s main image requirements are that it must have a pure white background as it blends in the Amazon search and product detail pages and is vital for pictures for Amazon listing.
  • Amazon picture requirements for main images are that a professional photographer may shoot the actual product. There must be no extra accessories like props, text not part of the product, watermarks or logos, or inset images.
  • Amazon’s product image must match the title of its product. In case the Amazon picture does not match the product, it will leave your customer dissatisfied and leave a bad review.
  • Amazon image size requirements are that they should be 1,600 pixels which is the best size for an amazon listing, or more than that on the longer side but not more than 10,000. This minimum Amazon image size requirement enables the zoom function on the website, which increases sales.
  • JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), and GIF (.gif) file formats are allowed, but for Amazon images, JPEG is preferred.
  • Servers of shoppers do not support animated gifs.
  • Amazon’s image policy is that it must not contain nudity or sexual suggestions.
  • If your product is shoes, Amazon’s main image must be a single shoe facing left at a 45-degree angle.
  • The clothing product’s main images on amazon must be photographed on a model.
  • Amazon imaging for kids’ and babies’ clothes must be photographed flat instead of a model.

The Main Amazon Product Photo Following Requirements And Guidelines Regarding Amazon Product Photographs

The main Amazon product photo is what the customers see while viewing your product among the search results on Amazon. So main amazon product photo holds massive value as it can enchant your customer if you fulfill the above requirements or disappoint your customer if you do not. Customers will click a different Amazon listing even if your picture is confusing.

Ensure your main amazon product image has a white background without accessories, props, text, watermarks, or logos. Make sure to avoid the following things listed below.

  • No logos or watermarks like Amazon, Amazon, Prime, Alexa, or the Amazon Prime design or text must be on the main Amazon product photos.
  • Images of Amazon products must not include Amazon’s badges, variations, modifications, or anything that matches those badges. You can check out the trademark usage guidelines for more details.
  • Make sure your main product image is free from nudity and sexual suggestions.
  • See if the product occupies less than 85% of the frame on fewer dimensions of the longer side.
  • Blurry, pixelated, or pictures with rough edges are not acceptable.

In Case Your Main Images Fall In The Niche Of Clothes, Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, And Luggage Follow These Requirements And Guidelines Regarding Amazon Product Images

  • Your main product image has a non-pure white background with less than 255 RGB.
  • There are logos, watermarks, borders, color blocks, text, or some graphics above the product or in the background.
  • Many images of the same single product from the same angle are not acceptable.
  • Images with that part of the product, which is for sale cropped by a frame edge, are only suitable for jewelry, especially necklaces, and must be avoided if there is another product.
  • If the internal or external propping is too much around the product, it creates confusion regarding which product is for sale.
  • Models should always stand instead of sitting, lying down, kneeling, or leaning.
  • The dummies must be prominent in each case except for stockings or socks.

Just follow the rules decided by Amazon and give your rivals a competition!

Add Additional Amazon Shopping Images Following The Requirements And Guidelines Regarding Amazon Product Photos

As an Amazon seller, you can upload up to 9 images on your Amazon listing. But will only be the first seven images displayed on your live listing. Add awe-inspiring graphics and text to the additional pictures you want to add. Following this advice will develop customers’ interest and provide information about your products, and if you add comparisons or size charts, they will be beneficial.

9 Best Amazon Product Image Guidelines

Now you have to know Amazon’s image requirements, so let’s look over some of the best Amazon product image guidelines to give your rival brands competition while following the rules.

You can take customized Amazon listing photos with your smartphone and edit them in white backgrounds, logos, or conversion-boosting details. There is massive competition on Amazon, so professional quality product photography is a must if you wish to stand out.

Think about this from a customer’s perspective: which list is more enchanting, the one which has the bright, well-lit product or the one which is a little blurry with shadows over it? If you are not a professional photographer and do not have a good-quality camera, consider hiring a professional photographer or agency to create professional images.

Give value to product photography or agency and invest in it before becoming a seller on Amazon. The below nine best amazon product image guidelines will help you customize your Amazon images according to Amazon product image requirements.

1. Prioritize Your Main Image

If you are here, you may have read above and understood that the main product image must follow specific requirements. Initially, customers will see this photo while scrolling through the Amazon search results.

The amazon photo size of your product must take up 85% of the image, which must be bright, clear, and bold enough to enchant someone to click through to your listing. For suggestions, look at your competitors’ main images and work on your weak spots. Hire a professional photographer for your main image and some additional photos from various angles.

2. Utilize The Available Image Space

Take advantage of the amazon product image dimensions provided. The seven images you upload must have variety. Provide your targeted buyers with as much helpful information as possible through pictures. Showcasing your product from different angles will be unique.

Allow customers to picture themselves wearing your product (clothes) by using models. Display your product in a proper indoor or outdoor setting (i.e., if you sell a hair removal razer, show it removing cream from the skin). If infographics are available, make sure to add them.

3. Produce Pictures Of People Using Products

Show your targeted customers how well they will use your product and how it relates to their interests. Think about your specific target audience or ideal customer and include that kind of person in your images.

You can photograph yourself, friends, or family using the product. Undoubtedly, you can capture incredible snaps or lifestyle pictures without a professional camera. For example, if your product is a skating board, go out on the road and practice skateboarding, which will also be good for your health, and ask someone to take your photos from your phone.

Suppose you cannot take your images while using the Amazon product photoshop people using your product. Moreover, if you do not have good Photoshop skills, hire someone for this purpose. Since poorly edited photos will not lead to the sale of your product and your brand will not progress as Amazon reviews pictures and such pictures are not according to its requirements.

4. Consider Adding Text To Your Photos

When you add relevant product details to your Amazon product images, do not forget to highlight them. Pinpoint the essential benefits of your product and include size, dimensions, or other significant information.

Include the materials used in making your product and showcase the ingredients if it is a food item or supplement. If someone is allergic to some food item, they will surely prefer to read the ingredients before purchasing the product.

Moreover, you can also display comparison charts to prove why the buyers should buy your product; using a specific font and color will create a distinct brand look. To get unique infographics to grab the attention of buyers, hire a professional.

5. Zoom In The Characteristics Of Your Product

While online shopping, your customers cannot touch your product and see it themselves; they can only see Amazon product images. Since it is essential to show them every possible angle of your product, this is only possible by zooming in on different characteristics or parts of your product.

6. Use 3D-Rendered Images To Enchant Your Customers

Does your product has a significant advantage that cannot be easily seen from its exterior? If the answer is yes, consider adding a 3D cross-section to show off that particular feature. For example, if your product is a kitchen utensil, like a kettle with a specific coating from the inside. You will want to show that special coating to win over customers. Telling your customers that it will keep the drink hot is not enough to show it so the customer can understand easily.

7. Adding Before And After Photo

Assume your product is a serum that removes spots from the face. So if you show a female face before using your serum with black spots on it and after using a serum with a clear face, your customers will understand that your product is beneficial and will solve their problem.

8. Guide Buyers Through Instructional Photos

Suppose your product is a kitchen stove, washing machine, or something like this that needs installation, guide buyers through instructional photos. So the customer can easily install and then use your product instead of returning it to you because they cannot figure out how to use it.

9. Hire An Agency

Since the start of this article, I have been elaborating on why hiring a professional photographer or agency is essential if you want terrific Amazon product images. You can get a professional photographer for $200 or a maximum of $300 to capture your Amazon main image, also six additional angles, infographics, or lifestyle images.

A photographer only takes pictures and deliver you but an agency will shoot your product photos and make them ready to upload on Amazon.

Hence, when you have spent time and money making your product, why risk its sale by trying to save some bucks by not hiring a professional photographer or agency?

Big Amazon Updates

Amazon has introduced some updates, like image scrolling on the search results page is back. Furthermore, fulfillment fees increased up to 30% in the last two years and, due to three price pushes from Amazon since June of 2021, has increased shipping fees between 20% and 30%.

Work On Your Amazon Product Photos Following The Requirements And Guidelines Regarding Amazon Product Images

The better your Amazon Product images, the more the chance to grab the attention of buyers. Invest your time in creating amazing images and infographics. If you lack time, we are at your service to create informative and eye-catching Amazon product images for you. Remember to follow the requirements and guidelines regarding Amazon product images.

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