How Ecommphics Creative Services team helps NYX Professional Makeup to shine like a star on Amazon.

About Brand

With many celebrity fans and social media recommendations, NYX has a good reputation in the field of oral beauty and hygiene. You might even think of it as the most popular product in magazines like Marie Claire, People, Elle or Good Housekeeping.
There is only one problem with under the attention of the media, people search for their products online, but when they land on NYK’s Amazon product page, they do not stay

Problem they Faced

NYX Cosmetics is an authority on social media and influencer marketing, but they don’t know much about how to run an Amazon store.
Since most of NYX’s sales came from its slate products, the supplement bar became an afterthought. Unfortunately, the product details page reflected a lack of attention.
When buyers land on the product page, they lack some important thing “trust.” Since their list does not meet NYX’s brand and visual standards, buyers cannot trust the quality of their products.
For the organic traffic attracted by these items, this is unacceptable because the company leaves a lot of money on the table.

Solution we provide

Creative Services

We had to work on NYX’s product catalog to fully optimize their products, but especially with NYX’s supplement bars, we knew there was a real opportunity to generate additional revenue.
Makeup Setting Spray is a very personal experience for many people. When former NYX customers run out of their favorite products, they need to be sure that the setting spray they bought from Amazon is genuine. Therefore, our top priority is to create products that accurately reflect NYX’s position as a market leader. We spend time studying the competitive landscape extensively to find out what other people are doing right in their niche market and how we can do better to figure out exactly where they are losing customers. After finishing this heavy work, our creative team started to work…
Our competition and keyword research provide us with the ultimate guide to back-end keyword recommendations and help our copywriters create keyword-rich content that even Google can recognize.
The next step is to showcase NYX’s products in the best possible way through brand new product images, so that potential customers can quickly identify NYX as an authority on security.
Finally, we created custom A+ content to reinforce and consolidate the benefits we describe in the text and product images, and connect this product page with the larger NYX Cosmetics brand.

Results They Achieved

After our complete list optimization process is complete, we continue to monitor key indicators to measure the actual impact of our work on NYX’s bottom line. Three months later, NYX’s overall conversion rate has increased by more than 32%, and the sales of newly optimized ASINs have increased by 47%!

In addition, we found that this list improvement also applies to other NYX products. As NYX’s overall brand exposure on Amazon increased, they also saw higher sales of other products that benefited from the increased brand awareness.

Identifying the main advantages highlighted in NYX’s Amazon store not only increased sales, but also increased repeat customers.

Most importantly, as the brand’s influence on Amazon has improved, even the sales of secondary products have been confirmed, NYX can be confident to expand its product catalog, because they know that through ECOMMPHICS management, they have found a way to turn Amazon into a profitable distribution channel.

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