Customer First Listing Optimization increased the conversion rate of Top Shelf baby products by 45%

About Brand

INEX Life sells a series of household products that make life easier, safer, and smarter. The most important thing is that the design of her baby play mat is very suitable for the life magazine series.
The product uses classic interlocking patterns, smooth gray, and outlines of exotic animals. It is designed not only to protect babies who are playing but also to satisfy parents with a chic design that allows them not to be ashamed to devote themselves to living room permits. Although the owner of INEX Life was confident in its

Problem they Faced

At the end of 2020, INEX Life considered unplugging the soft foam baby play mat and focused on other more powerful products.
Keep in mind that baby sellers face fierce competition from household brands and Amazon’s own brands. Successful products often rely heavily on branding to build consumer confidence and reassure customers that their children are well taken care of.
Because of this, some buyers are willing to pay a little more than usual for products they can trust.
If you ask a group of parents what play mats they are looking for their babies, you may hear the word “safe” more than once.
Protecting their children from accidental injuries on hard floors or sharp edges around the house is one of their top priorities-this is why they go to Amazon to find a solution.
Unfortunately, when they landed on the INEX Life product page, they did not find anything.
The word “security” never appeared in their list text, or even in their back-end search terms. Overall, their text and images focused more on product specifications than on the tangible benefits of customers.
Because INEX Life’s gaming mats are more expensive than most, the product list failed to convince buyers that it’s worth the money.

Solution we Provide

Full Listing Optimisation

After a quick glance at INEX Life’s product list, we knew we had to help them put customers first. The specifications and dimensions of the product cannot convince anyone—especially careless parents—to buy. In addition, due to the lack of lifestyle images, INEX Life missed a valuable opportunity to help shoppers imagine how their products really fit into their parenting lives.
For such products, these two problems—lack of practical copywriting and lack of lifestyle imagery—result in stagnant conversion rates.

We need to show how the product feature list can be transformed into real, tangible benefits, and convince buyers that higher prices do mean higher quality.
We must show how the product feature list translates into real, tangible benefits, and convince buyers that higher prices do represent higher quality.
This means that our team must completely revise the list with brand new copies, back-end search terms, and product images, all of which are focused on the baby play mats that buyers really want.

Results they Achieved

After all the new assets were uploaded to the list, we immediately saw the results. Compared with the previous months,
Conversions and Sales increased immediately, and in the next three months, the conversion rate was consistently higher than the previous average CVR. At the end of the three-month earnings tracking period, the average CVR increased by 44.7%, and total sales increased by more than 52%!
What do these results mean for INEX Life?
This means that owners not only don’t have to stop producing their products, but they are now generating more sales and thousands of dollars in sales every month! The launch of
INEX Life’s new baby no longer hides in the long list of product specifications, but shows that the game time can be safe and fashionable!

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