About Us

About Our Company

We have an amazing teams of designers, brand managers, and knowledgeable Amazon professionals to serve directly brands and companies like yours with different services like Amazon designing,  optimization of listings to flourish on Seller Central. You can stop worrying about Amazon and start concentrating on your business since we have developed a multi-layered plan using tried-and-true techniques to manage your PPC, SEO, and catalogues.

Our 9 Core Principles

01 To be a Purpose-driven brand is playing the long game.
02 Competition leads to progress and progress leads to innovation.
03 Innovation Starts with the customer and working backwards.
04 In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing.
05 It's Difficult to see the picture when you are inside the frame.
06 A vision without strategy remains an illusion.
07 Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
08 Without data, ideas are just opinions.
09 Design is the silent ambassador of a brand.

    Our Mission

    We are on a mission to make branding accessible for all businesses, helping Amazon brands and service-based agencies collaborate with them and provide them with peace of mind. We support the growth and competitiveness of brands and agencies like yours by providing different services and boosting traffic and sales. It can be challenging to manage Amazon Seller Central’s dynamic environment. Working with us allows you to concentrate on development rather than problem-solving.

    What's More? We Can Help You Succeed.



    Ecommphics constantly work to come up with new solutions to boost your Amazon business.


    Action Plans

    The Ecommphics staff constantly has action plans that boost your Amazon sales.


    Big Projects

    Having worked on numerous large projects with Ecommphics; they were astounded by our sales.



    Ecommphics strive to please their customers at all times. We wish to satisfy their client, not increase our financial position.

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    What Sellers are Saying

    We receive hundreds of requests from Amazon FBA sellers for thought leadership, account management, and other services. Here are some of their comments.

    Your knowledge of PPC and Amazon advertisements is fantastic! Despite our large spending and excellent rankings for each of our goods, you manage to keep my ACos low. You guys are true professionals who are also adaptable and prepared to talk, update, or adjust as needed. I do strongly advise

    Keith G Sales Manager

    I appreciate you persuading me to include the A+ pages in my lists. I initially didn't think it was worthwhile to spend the money on it, but after using it on two products, I noticed a significant rise in conversions and sales, and since since, our advertising efforts have performed considerably better.

    Joel F Amazon Seller

    Wow! I hope I could locate a team of your team's talent; despite my efforts, I was unsuccessful. It's amazing how you create the EBC descriptions with a mixture of images, texts, and graphics that resembles a true sales funnel page and persuades customers that our product is their only and best option.

    Michael P Brand Owner

    It's fascinating that the name of your business accurately describes what you provide. Our sales increased considerably after you improved our listing language and keywords, and within 5 weeks we were the top best seller in our major category. I will only ever remember your firm name when I launch my subsequent products so that I may complete my listings.

    Lisa R Private Label Amazon Seller

    We appreciate you saving us time and money. We initially recruited in-house writers, but after some trial-and-error, we chose to outsource to a reputable business, and we have never looked back. Our business as a whole considerably improved and our lifeless listings came to life. You are someone I would advise to any Amazon vendor.

    Shlome E Sales Manager

    I love it. I'm very happy with it and if this is the quality of work you guys do, I will have much more business for you.

    Jake The Green Blazer

    Wow, this is sooo awesome! Super impressed with your company!!!

    David B Amazon Seller

    Living on a boat because Ecommphics doubled our sales and I then sold the company. It has been an amazing experience working with My Amazon Guy.

    Jess Rollins, Pet Expertise

    "I just saw the first revision of the A+ listing. It looks really good and I am very happy with the result. Great work."

    Iszac Amazon Seller

      Our Founder & CEO

      Amazon Consultant and Branding Expert.

      As a consultant and branding expert, Mohsin Abdul Razzaq helped 250+ business owners & Amazon sellers  in different categories, such as Kitchen, décor, Beauty, Baby, Pet Supplies, etc. with my high-quality visuals to take their business to the next level.

      He is specialized in custom designing along with anything else you might imagine for your business advertisement. I am flexible and friendly to work with and ensure timely deliveries with optimum quality.

      DM him “Help” on LinkedIn  for a FREE consultation call.

      This website is owned and operated by Mohsin Abdul Razzaq