Amazon Storefront: Advantages, Complete Step By Step Guide To Make An Amazon Storefront

Amazon, the topmost eCommerce platform, regularly introduces new tools, features, and programs. These efforts of Amazon increase the growth of small businesses on Amazon. Most probably, if you are a seller whose brand is registered already. Sellers having a brand registry, a feature amongst the Amazon Advertising features, can create a dedicated Amazon store. After that, you need to work on your Amazon storefront as it has several advantages.

Thus Amazon store is your customized website on Amazon that enables the registered brands to display their products. There are no competitor’s products or ads on your store. Your Storefront will give the vibe of an actual eCommerce store, which a massive audience of Amazon can access.

Do you want to know what you should do next with your brand new Amazon store? Stay tuned- in this article, we will elaborate on what Amazon Storefront is, its benefits, and the complete step-by-step guide to making an Amazon Storefront in 2022. So, let’s get started on this journey with me, and if you stay till the end, there are chances that your last stop will be a success.

What Is An Amazon Storefront?

Amazon Storefront is your brand’s page, with a custom URL, where you can showcase all your products to the consumers in a single location. You must highlight your top content, display pictures, and customize it with personalized branding and logos. As a result, you will attract the attention of buyers with such an optimized Storefront. You may also use it as an advertisement landing page. (Display ad campaigns, sponsored brands, influencer marketing, and others). To sum up, Amazon Storefront allows brands to make distinctive, brand-specific shopping experiences for their customers while still selling their products through their store to Amazon customers. 

Besides those sellers who want to understand the psychology behind the shoppers’ buying patterns, storefronts are necessary for them. A tool-Store insight by Amazon shows brands the exact amount of traffic and sales their Storefront is receiving. Somehow, this tool helps brands keep an eye on customer behaviors, determine their marketing strategy’s positive outputs, and develop a plan that might lead to more shopper conversions.

If you have doubts regarding having your Amazon Storefront, the key is to click on the product detail page and click on the brand name situated under the title. Thus, if the brand processes it, it will display the custom-designed Storefront for its products. Even you can check out your competitors to take an idea and comparison for self-evaluation. 

What Are The Advantages Of Creating An Amazon Storefront?

Displays Your Brand

Your Amazon Storefront speaks for itself, telling your brand story to the shoppers. Consequently, you can develop your brand story and market that story- creating an unforgettable brand-specific shopping experience for your customers. The shoppers do not need to search for each of your products, as they are available on your main page. Amazon also provides you customized “” URL. For example,

No Rival Advertisements

Of course, one of the most considerable flex of having an Amazon store is no advertisements of your rival brands on your store. Therefore, customers only see the products of your brand on your Storefront. However, sponsored brands and sponsored product advertisements appear on the Amazon search results pages and product listings.

Exploring Creativity

You get the chance to explore your marketing creativity while generating images, infographics, and videos for your products. You create your main product photos and A+ content (a tool inside Seller Central). This tool enables brand owners to compose a fantastic designed Amazon product description for their Amazon listings.

Traffic comes Straight To Your Storefront

Through Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display ads, the traffic comes straight to your Amazon store. Also, you can utilize email marketing to send traffic to your store or market your brand with the help of your social media accounts. 

How To Make An Amazon Storefront?

This section will provide a complete step-by-step guide to making an Amazon Storefront. What we recommend you is to create new images and infographics, especially for your Amazon Storefront. Do not use images that are on display on your listing page. Change is vital to attract customers by giving them exact information about your products. 

Remember to review Amazon’s creative guidelines for stores before creating your pictures and videos. If you are not good at graphic designing or product photography, consider hiring a professional Amazon Freelancer. Thus, you create your store by clicking on seller central’s “stores” tab. Afterward, click on the “manage stores” and “create store” and choose your brand.

Step 1: Creating A Home Page

In the store builder, first, enter your brand display name and brand logo and click next. Creating a Home Page is important- buyers see it right after landing on your page. A meta-description for your Home Page is essential as it provides information to search engines about your page. Try to make it informative and captivating as it gives viewers a hint about your brand or available products. Moreover, these few words help your Amazon store rank in Google search. 

While creating your Home Page, choose one of the templates Amazon provides. Either you can highlight your best-selling products or display all your products following a specific pattern, for example, a grid. Furthermore, add page sections, thumbnails, and photos for listing products.

Step 2: Adding New Pages For Subcategory

Click on “add page” to add subcategories. Enter the title you chose for this page, a description regarding the subcategory, and select a template. You can see your subpage in your store as a new tab after clicking “create page” on the left-hand side. Even you can add various subcategory tabs as per your desire. Besides, if you wish to further categorize products within a subcategory, create a drop-down menu from the subpage’s tab. For example, if you have a toy brand and your one subcategory tab is stuffed toys, you can create a drop-down menu to separate them regarding their size. 

Lately, add a banner image in the “header” section of your store. This is important to make customers realize that they are at your store. Additionally, your brand with a logo or a branded image gets recognition. You can see the header section at the top of your home page. Remember to link image tiles to product listings. Thus a customer who clicks on the image will reach the product whose picture it was.

While making your Amazon Storefront, you can preview it on a desktop or a mobile to see how it looks. Once you are done making your Amazon Storefront, click “Submit for publishing.” Then wait for the next 24 hours, so Amazon can review your store. Finally, it will be published for customers to see on Amazon after approval.

An Amazing Amazon Storefront Influencer

There are some amazing Amazon Storefront influencers that you can look upon while creating yours. For example, The Rambling Redhead is an amazing Amazon Storefront. That is mainly because of the wide range of availability of products that buyers mostly purchase. From daily required essentials to customized products and gifts, everything is available. The tagline of the store is “My current Amazon addictions, all in one place! 

Start Working On Your Amazon Storefront

With Amazon Storefront, you can increase your customer engagement. So start working on your amazon storefront if you do not have your online store. 

We hope you find our step-by-step instructions useful in making an amazon storefront. 

Though George Eliot said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But the shoppers will assess your brand after looking at your Storefront. So you can reserve your spot right now with us by reaching out to us directly on WhatsApp. Also, you can contact us through the given social media platforms. 

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