4 Best Tips to Optimize Your Amazon
Listing and Rank Higher in 2022

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Amazon Listing and Ranking

The first step before even thinking about running an ad for your product is that the most important thing is to understand the Amazon algorithm.
The Amazon website and apps are working on programming that lists their content according to certain specifications.
This list depends on how well your product ad has been written and optimized.
An Amazon listing determines how much attention your product would receive.
So a higher rank would mean more exposure, which means more people are interested in buying your product.
Highest listing = more presence = more sales

5 Tips for Amazon Listing Optimization to Skyrocket Amazon Sales

The best way to rank higher on your Amazon listing is through optimization.
Amazon Listing Optimization refers to optimizing various components of your product listings to rank higher.
This optimization uses the Amazon algorithm and introduces your products to your demographic of interested customers.
Here are five tips to optimize your Amazon offering and achieve a high rank on Amazon:
Product title optimization
Product image optimization
Product packaging optimization
Product description optimization
Product features optimization

⦁ Optimize Your Product Title

Your product title is how your product is presented to your customer, so it should be short and concise and express the differentiators of your product.
Tips for optimizing product titles:
➔ Amazon allows up to 200 characters, including spaces, for a product title, but a good length for a product title is 100-150 characters.
➔ The first five words are the most important, so they must be relevant keywords and not contain general terms such as “a”, “an”, “that” or “and”.
➔ The title must not contain symbols, advertising messages or prices.
➔ The correct format for a good product title is: Brand Name_Model_Target Customer’s Gender_Product Name_Important Fact_Color_Material_Other Important Specifics-Condition

⦁ Optimize Your Product Images

Product images are visual representations of your product.
You have the power to get your customers to buy your product, so all your product images should look clear, professional, and show the best features of your product.
Tips for optimizing product images:
➔ Amazon allows 9 product images, including a main image, but a good number of images is 5 – 8 for a high range.
➔ The image must be high resolution with an image size of at least 1000 px500 px.
➔ The product must occupy at least 80% of the image area.
➔ Product must also be shown in use in one of the images.
➔ Product packaging should be clearly highlighted in the images.

⦁ Optimize Your Product Packaging

Your product packaging is also essential as it meets your ad’s display quota on Amazon.
If your product packaging is below average, it appears unprofessional and does not present your brand in the best possible light.
The best way to have a professional but not too complicated product packaging design is to hire the packaging design services of a reputable marketing agency.
Tips for optimizing product packaging:
➔ Product packaging must be carefully designed to ensure a professional appearance.
➔ A differentiation strategy must translate into a packaging design that differentiates your packaging from the rest of the competition.
➔ It is important that your packaging can be easily mass produced and is consistent for all of your products.
➔ Product packaging should also match your brand and be aesthetically pleasing.
➔ Product images on packaging must also be clear and on a completely white background.

⦁ Optimize Your Product Description (Plus Point For Registered Brands on Amazon)

The next step is to write a product description that describes your product in a way that is desirable to your customer demographics.
The description should be detailed but not too long and contain important information about the product without using advertising messages.
Tips for optimizing product descriptions for non-brand:
➔ Amazon’s title requirements allow 2000 characters, including spaces for product descriptions, and the perfect length is at least 250 words. However, what Amazon recommends is less than 80 characters.
➔ Use short, easy-to-understand sentences.
➔ Highlight all the important information that could help attract your customers to your product.
➔ Never exaggerate your product or mislead your customers. Be precise and to the point.
➔ Do not include company information in your product description.
➔ Add relevant keywords, but make sure your sentences are grammatically correct and consistent.
Registering with Amazon Brand Registry unlocks a lot of number of tools to help you build and protect your brand and create a better experience for your customers One of them is EBC/A + Descriptions
EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) / A + Descriptions helps companies showcase their brand history and product features using rich text and images on Amazon’s detail page to increase conversion and potentially increase traffic and sales.

This is how normal Description Looks like:

This is how Amazon Registered Brand’s Description Looks like:

⦁ Optimize Your Product Description (Plus Point For Registered Brands on Amazon)

Product features are used to highlight attributes of your products that may be of interest to your customers.
These features should set your products apart from the competition and convince your customers to take the final step in buying.
Tips for optimizing product features:
➔ Amazon allows about 1000 characters, including spaces, for key product features. Product features are best presented with bullets.
➔ The best length for bullets is five bullets of 200 characters each.
➔ Highlight the five most important functions of your products.
➔ All important functions should be presented in short, easy-to-understand sentences.
➔ All spheres should be consistent in tone, attract the attention of your customers, and be informative, while expressing the benefits and physical properties of your product.

All in all, listing optimization on Amazon is a must if you want to get more exposure and more sales with your products.
However, it can be quite difficult if you are not familiar with optimization techniques.
The best solution is to hire a proper and reputable Amazon Listing SEO Optimization Service so that you can get all the benefits in half the time. A great way to rank higher too would be to use packaging design services and it also helps you to increase the number of returning buyers.