4 Amazon Selling Tips to Boost Sales &
Win Market Share in 2022

Amazon continues to be the most dominant marketplace out there, with over 200 million Prime subscribers. 147 million are based in the US. There are plenty of opportunities to explore if you are a seller. With a few improvements or small changes to your business, it’s easier than ever to capitalize on the Amazon customer base.
Below you’ll find 4 proven tips for selling on Amazon like a pro.

⦁ Improve your Product Images

“Embedding lifestyle images on the white background is a must if you are looking to sell your products successfully on Amazon.”
Note: If you don’t have lifestyle images, they can be Photoshoped.

We all know how images can influence people’s buying decisions and how important their role is in terms of success at Amazon. Technically, it’s a hook that attracts people to your product. Quality product images can improve or prevent search conversions.

Please note that Amazon has certain image requirements that you must comply with. However, the way you present your product within these requirements makes all the difference.

This is the first step, as potential buyers are looking for high resolution photos with high visibility. However, enough variation is needed to make the product or photo stand out.
The main image requires a product in front of a pure white background. You need to do more to notice the remaining image slots.
Example: According to Amazon’s guidelines for product photos, the main image of a product should only be displayed on a pure white background. Graphics, illustrations, promotional stickers, or related products may not be used. Even though lifestyle images create a more realistic view of the product and encourage people to take action, this is technically a violation.

Examples of Images which are created according to the Amazon Guidelines


⦁ Create Your Own Brand (Amazon Brand Registry)

Your brand will be better protected from counterfeiters. You’ll be able to enlist multiple products into Amazon’s Brand Registry. You’ll have access to Amazon’s A+ content feature, which allows you to add visual content to your product descriptions.

If you want to stand out from the competition, you have to break new ground. Design your product detail page with images that provide buyers with a more compelling reason to buy your product than your competitors. Give clear examples of how to use the product to improve your life and solve problems. Focus on benefits, not features.

Examples of A+ Content which really helps Brands to grow more

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⦁ Utilize Your Backend Search Terms Properly

Adding backend keywords is another effective way to improve visibility on Amazon.

Titles, bullets, and descriptions should contain the keywords that are most important to your product. However, you can add keywords to your backend search terms.

Avoid fillers such as “a”, “by”, “for” as they are useless. Also, don’t repeat the word, even if it’s a key phrase.

Example: “red shirt, blue shirt, green shirt” instead of, those of the “blue-green of the red shirt” is a good choice. Avoid the commas too! It counts towards a 250 character limit.

⦁ Optimized your Product Listings

Amazon Listing Optimization is the process of taking deliberate actions to improve the ranking of your product for specific search queries and rank higher in the organic search results.

You could take all the actions like improving the keyword research, optimizing product description, using proper images, and improving the seller reputation on Amazon.

Amazon listing optimization is crucial for your strategy as the Amazon marketplace is very competitive. And, you need strategies to get more Click-Through-Rate, Conversion Rate, and finally, get more revenue with more sales. Amazon`s ranking algorithm is named A9, and it prefers a product with a better chance of conversion or more click-through-rates

Step 1: Highly effective keyword research (Amazon Listing Optimization)
Step 2: SEO Optimize the content (Amazon Listing Optimization)
Step 3: Optimizing Product Images (Amazon Listing Optimization)
Step 4: Optimize Amazon Review Strategy (Amazon Listing Optimization)
Step 5: Customer Question & Answer Section Optimization (Amazon Listing Optimization)

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